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Spotlight Interview with Hindi Jain

(1) Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in mother’s shophouse boutique, the “Shop of India” on the east coast and at trade-shows where my father sold wholesale menswear – entrepreneurship & fashion were ingrained in me for as long as I can remember. Prior to creating the words collection, I worked at BCBG MaxAzria, where I launched the global handbags & accessories merchandising division. I was encouraged to join BCBG MaxAzria after spending 3 years in the Global Men’s merchandising division for Ralph Lauren. I’ve completed several design courses via a scholarship at Moore College of Art and Design and graduated with a degree in international business & marketing from Drexel University.

(2) How do you deal with setbacks?

Setbacks are always disappointing but I try to put it in perspective. I try to focus on the positives that come out of every setback and use that knowledge to grow & learn from.

(3) How did you get started?

I found myself in a position where I was forced to question my Jain values. BCBG MaxAzria used to be one of my favorite companies because I knew I could count on them to deliver high fashion that was animal friendly; they were PETA approved. At the end of my career there, they started to introduce fur into the collection. My job as the head of global merchandising for the handbags and accessories division was to ensure that the regional buyers of the world bought the entire line. It was disgusting and I was upset that I was expected to handle these new fur products. I brought the issue up to the owner of the company and she responded that it had been many years since their promise to PETA and it was no longer valid. I was in a moral conundrum, my job duties no longer aligned with my Jain values. Everything happens for a reason though, this lead me on a different path. I decided to create my own line of animal friendly clothes, but more than that, I wanted to change current perceptions for luxury brands about “made in India”. I want to highlight India’s heritage in craftsmanship to the world and encourage luxury designers to source production more inclusively.

(4) Who is your ideal target audience?

People who appreciate comfy clothes, like yoga, and want to travel.

(5) Who is your role model?

My mom. I really admire how she balances being a hard working business woman and applies Jain principles to everyday living – like waking up every morning and practicing yoga followed my meditation – or choosing not to carry leather products in her shop (even though that could mean greater profits).

(6) What advice do you have for those considering entrepreneurship?

Well, I think we all think about it, but all those worst case “what if” questions arise like “What if I leave my steady paying job and fail in entrepreneurship – what will people think?”. There’s no right answer when it comes to taking the plunge into starting your own business. If you have a vision and it feels right, you only have one life to live. If it was a mistake and you try and fail, you’ll come back stronger from everything you learned along the way. If it was a success, dreams came true.

(7) Your website has five core values – humanity, culture, world, fashion, and equality. How do you try to

incorporate Jainism values on a daily basis while also being strong to the five core values of your business?

  1. Ahimsa (Non-Violence): All of my products are animal friendly.

  2. Satya (To Speak the harmless truth only): This collection promotes equality for humanity.

  3. Anekantvad (Multiplicity of Views): The clothes have positive statements written on them, so while wearing them, you are absorbing these positive thoughts and sharing them with others who take notice.

Hindi Jain creates meaningful yoga wear & casual clothing inspired by henna tattoos. The “words collection” takes its name from the nature of its designs featuring meaningful words, quotes, and definitions placed where tattoos would be; creating an enchanting visual impact with a much deeper, energizing meaning. The collection is made with high quality fabrics that are soft and luxurious to the touch and fittingly designed for widespread wear-ability. The idea is that you are sharing a secret; it’s personal like a tattoo. It’s for you and to reinforce words that inspire your life. The collection aims to spark conversation & connect people in the same way as tattoos typically do.

This clothing is designed to be animal friendly. Shop now:

  • Use exclusive 40% OFF discount code for Jain Community: JAIN40.

  • A percentage of profits from this collection are donated to organizations that promote equality for humanity such as Girl2B & Farm Sanctuary.

Video about the Product: Click here

Interesting Footage from the Factory:

Instagram: @HindiJain

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