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Life Of An International Student Away From Home

The day this girl came out of Mumbai consulate with her USA Visa approved in the second attempt, tears rolled down from her parents & her eyes when the happy parents hugged their beloved daughter with a mixed emotional feeling of sending their daughter miles away to fulfill her dreams. People said don’t send your daughter so far but they stood firm. They said just to keep her close to us for some time we cannot play with her future. With time running down the sand glass, this girl had no time to linger the emotional drama. She swiftly moved towards the new phase of her life. The D-day arrived and she waived a heart breaking goodbye to friends, family, city, country. She bid adieu to the land where she had first school, first friend, first bestie, first college, first crush, first love, first job, but this goodbye was a physical goodbye because those memories are imprinted on her heart forever.

Entering a new city by travelling over the clouds, over different countries boomed different feelings in her specially the Jet lag of being at two airports, at the same time with different timezones.

Landed this girl into the city of her dreams, city of new hopes, city of her another chapter of her life, city crowded with all new people from different countries,the city – Dallas, Texas. She stepped into the Graduate School at The University of Texas, Dallas which was very different than her undergraduate school which she just left behind in May 2016. Just 2 months and she was back to her school – undergrad was followed by her grad school. Competing with the struggle to finalize with her subjects for her Masters in Science – Information Technology & Management she met many new people and made lots of friends. Friends are the family she had in this city. Miles away sitting her family wondered about how their child going to manage everything – studies, housing, food, grocery, laundry but a pampered kid was matured now, already learned everything but for parents their kids are always as the precious diamond stones upon which they don’t need any scratch.

Jainism flowed in her blood since childhood which flowed out in this city also. Proud to be a part of Jain community she went to temple, met new people and these people became her family – her parents. Every good or bad, illness or wellness, ups and downs, they stood beside her. The help she received in every personal and professional way made her feel to have a perfect family here. Parents sitting far were a bit relaxed now as she was surrounded by right people, proper rituals and powerful Jainism thoughts. God sends out their angels everywhere in one or the other form and so did he send people for her in Dallas.

A proud Jain girl today spending her 4 months in Dallas, studying in UTD is happy living her life managing stuffs – proper sorted house with good roommates, following all Jainism rituals, living a happy life, knowing how to sort issues, struggling with the competitive world, looking for bright future opportunities and the credit goes to the God’s blessing he showered over me and making me strong in every aspect.

This short story was about the girl – Mansi Choudhary from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India currently came to Dallas, Texas, USA on July 28, 2016 for her Masters in Science – Information Technology & Management Fall 2016 Batch.

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