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Recap of The Intersection of Career and Spirituality – How to Excel at Both in NYC!

Avani Shah (YJP Northeast Regional Coordinator) with tremendous assistance from Viraj Mehta (2015 YJP Northeast Coordinator) successfully hosted a world renowned Jain spiritual leader onJune 21st in midtown Manhattan: His Holiness, Fulchand Shastri Ji, to an overwhelming audience of 89+ Young Jains traveling from around the tristate area.

The topic was one that is very near and dear to this new generation of Jains: “The Intersection of Career & Spirituality – How to Excel at Both.”

Shastri Ji spoke of how knowledge of your soul is the key to happiness and that ego undermines our intelligence and causes turmoil in our lives. He encouraged youth to consider each and every person as a soul first, and a human second, and to stop there. He taught that this world would be a better place if we rid ourselves of differentiating between people and avoided categorizing them by race, religion, creed.

This topic struck a cord in the hearts and minds of the audience.

As if the knowledge he bestowed upon us wasn’t enough, Shastri Ji also had a book signing where he gave away 45 English translated books of the Atma Siddhi – which originated from author Shirmad Raj Chandra (the spiritual guide to Mahatma Gandhi Ji).

The way in which Shahtri Ji sparked the minds of the audience is visible as attendees continue to converse to date!

After this lovely speaker session, a professional mingle followed. The mingle was live with hot foods, refreshments and the sounds of connections being made. The request for additional Professional Mingles such as these have poured in from throughout the tristate area as well as many other Northeast regions.

This event was sponsored by Rajeevbhai Pandya and New York Indian Diamond and Color Stone & Jewelry Community.

Events like these bring about Jain Youth and bond this new generation of the Jain community. YJP urges sponsors to offer their assistance for future events of this caliber. Please contact Avani Shah (Northeast Regional Coordinator – or Neal Daftary (YJP National Co-Chair – for sponsorship opportunities so that YJP can continue to unite this new Jain Generation.

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