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Sapan Bafna

Location: Miami, Fort Lauderdale Area

Profession: Vice President – Solution Express (SolEx) at CoreLogic

Sapan Bafna is Vice President of Solutions Express (SolEx) business unit of CoreLogic. Sapan launched the SolEx business unit 5 years ago to create innovative solutions that solve client problems. He manages ongoing solution offerings which incorporate people, lean processes and agile technology. His role encompasses opportunity identification, quick prototyping, solution development, and operational execution. Sapan manages onshore and offshore teams to deliver client solutions.

Since joining CoreLogic in January 2004, Sapan has held various process engineering, business development and business leadership roles including innovation, research and development, outsourcing, offshoring operations, creating strategic initiatives, and P&L management. Sapan was awarded Kennedy Excellence Award by CoreLogic in 2013 and was also recently appointed on the Industrial advisory board of the National Science Foundation (NSF-CAKE).

Tell us a little about your educational background and how did you start working in your respective job/industry?

I completed my basic education in Indore, India. I moved to the US in 1997 after completing my MBE (Master’s in Business Economics) from the School of Economics. I completed my MBA degree at Florida International University, Miami in 1999. Continuing my education, I completed the Lean Six Sigma Certification and AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional) course offered by Mortgage Bankers Association. I received most of my jobs through networking. I am currently the Vice President and a Business unit leader at CoreLogic, Inc. I was chosen by the Director of Human Resources 10 years ago at a Process Management course which we were attending together.

What advice would you offer to someone new to this industry?

The mortgage industry has been shaken to the core with the mortgage meltdown and resulting financial crisis, which has impacted major economies around the world. While the days of gloom and doom are over, the mortgage industry is on a path of recovery and therefore offers an opportunity for young innovators who can think outside the box. There are plenty of opportunities in the industry, as it is on the cusp of taking the leap from legacy technology environment to the new social media centered technology geared for the millennial generation.

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at work?

Interacting and spending quality time with my family, which consists of my wife, Gitika, and children, Tanvi and Aditya is my best choice. I play volleyball on weekends and recently my son is also playing on my team. During solitary time on business trips, I like to catch up on the latest and greatest news on business, technology and my industry.

Do you practice any Stress Relieving methods? Any meditation or Physical Activity that helps you relieve stress?

I do light yoga daily and try to do cardio exercise 3-4 times a week. Every morning, I meditate and pray at a small temple in my house. These help reduce the stress and give a feeling of control over circumstances.

How did Jainism, and its basic principles, help you succeed?

Jainism is the way of life for me. Three jewels of Jain teachings – Samyak Darshan, Samyak Gyan and Samyak Charitra which translates to Rational View, Rational knowledge and Rational conduct are a mental and spiritual guide. While I am not perfect, I try to consider the problem in a non-violent way from different perspectives before taking action.

Are you a member of any Jain organizations and what benefit have you received out of them?

Yes. I am a Board member with the national and local non-profit organizations, which take up few evenings every week. The main organizations are the Jain Center of South Florida (JCSF), Jain Education and Research Foundation (JERF),and Indian Regional and Cultural Center (IRCC). My purpose of getting involved in these organizations was not to seek any personal benefit but to contribute to what I believe and stand for. Working for these non-profit organizations gives me a lot of satisfaction and a chance to work with spirited / talented individuals. I have had unique and fortunate opportunities to work under the mentorship of Samani Charitra Prajna ji and Dr. Dipak Jain, at JERF. The experience and impact is difficult to summarize. Under their guidance, JERF established a perpetual Jain studies program at FIU, which was the first ever in the US.

Give us a key mantra to live by.

Specifically, I do like these two mantras by Dr. Dipak Jain

“The elevator of success is out of order. Take the stairs, one step at a time.”

  • All of our paths and experiences may be different – and therefore you have to interpret this quote as you see fit in your own personal situation. My only advice is to enjoy the journey while you grow professionally and personally. Invest not just in assets and bank balance, but also in family, friends and causes you believe in.

“To the world you may be a person, but to a person, you may be the world.”

  • My advice to all young Jain’s is to start early in doing meaningful, life impacting non-profit or social work. Magnitude is not important initially – it is the quality and feeling you put into it.

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