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Interested in Joining YJP Executive Board? Open Positions: Finance Director & Canada Regional Co

Regional Coordinators

The primary duties of the Regional Coordinator shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Establishing a network of local contacts in at least each major Jain Center within their respective region.

  • Reaching out to Jain Center Presidents, introducing themselves as the Regional Coordinator, and asking both how YJP can assist the Jain Center, and if the Jain Center is willing to support YJP’s efforts (this can include, for example, promoting events, allowing us to have a booth during Mahavir Jayanti, etc)

  • If possible, the Regional Coordinator should meet with the Jain Center Executive Committee in person.

  • Reaching out to any Local Representative (“LR”) and confirming their interested in helping support YJP

  • Informing the team of LRs of their duties, goals, and responsibilities

  • Managing and creating a team of LRs, ensuring they are meeting their goals and responsibilities. In the event an LR becomes unresponsive, it is the RC’s responsibility to complete that task.

  • Maintaining regular contact with all Jain Center contacts, LRs, Youth Coordinators and/or Youth Committees, and working closely with them to collaborate on for events.

  • Initiating and executing a variety of events (at least one (1) event per quarter minimum and at least one (1) Professional Development, Community Service, and Networking event each during the year)

  • Actively following the protocol for event planning, this includes emailing the Communications Director about your event for Facebook, newsletter submission, understanding the local temple’s deadlines for their newsletter, and following up after the event on event success. It also entails updating the Finance Director with funds gained.

Finance Director

The primary duties of the Director of Finance shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Tracking and maintaining YJP’s finances (expenditures and revenue) in accordance to JAINA’s guidelines, including, but not limited to:

  • Monthly recurring payments; and

  • Budgets for regional retreats/national conventions

  • Actively supporting the Regional Coordinators in planning events/regional retreats by (for example) reviewing contracts with the Co­Chairs, negotiating discounts with vendors (if applicable) and helping budget overall expenses (e.g., food, session materials, registration prices);

  • Working with JAINA in issuing YJP’s checks to owed parties for items including retreat expenses; general expenses; and convention expenses.

  • Reimbursing Executive Board members for items including: approved travel expenses; approved retreat expenses; and approved general expenses.

  • Delivering reports on the status of YJP’s finances to the Co­Chairs every Quarter.

  • Seeking innovative ways to make YJP financially self-­sufficient;

  • Initiating and coordinating fundraising projects with Executive Board members and Local Representatives from various sanghs and regions;

  • Creating and maintaining a list of fundraising projects for the year with specific goals and deadlines;

  • Reviewing list(s) of previous fundraising projects to determine successes and suggests improvements;

  • Creating and/or expanding on a consolidated YJP donor database;

  • Locating Jain friendly organizations willing to partner at YJP’s events;

  • Developing long term relationships with businesses and organizations that share Jain values; and

  • Identifying areas of saving resources by utilizing JAINA’s non­profit status.

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