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How You Can Help YJP Achieve Their Goals in 2014

YJP rang in the New Year with events across the country. With a strong Executive Board and the support of active members, we hosted events across the nation in four cities. The goal of these events was to re-introduce YJP to the larger Jain professional diaspora. We hope to continue moving forward in the New Year with stronger, effective programming through many more events, with a focus on addressing issues relevant to Jain professionals.

We will be coming to your region soon and so until then may the New Year bring out “greater efforts, resulting in grander victories.” We wish you and your families a prosperous and happy New Year!

Let’s also take this moment to consider how you can help YJP. We are a non-profit organization that works diligently to stay self-sufficient while re-creating itself through meaningful programming. As we move forward into the New Year, and try to increase the depth and diversity of our Professional, Religious/Spiritual, and Community Service themed events, donations in any shape or form, monetary and non-monetary, large or small, will make a profound and lasting impact.

There are several ways to contribute to YJP:

  • Introduce YJP to accomplished professionals in various fields who can possibly be guest speakers at our events

  • Serve as OR provide HR professionals that can collaborate with YJP to host “Resume Editing” workshops or seminars like “Working with Start-ups”, “Job Search”, “The Legal Side of HR Practices for Small Businesses”

  • Providing venues in major metropolitan areas to host professional networking events, e.g. office space on weekends or evening or meeting venues for panel discussions

  • We are looking to open a “Jobs” section in our LinkedIn page. If your company/department has job openings, you might use that as a resource to hire. In addition, you can be a point of reference to our members as well

  • Monetary donation in any amount is welcome

As a YJP member, and as a part of the larger JAINA community, we hope you can contribute and encourage your friends and family to assist YJP in reaching new heights! If you can help in a non-monetary way, feel free to email us at

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